The Constables’ Office is a full time Legal Process Division with a mailing address of 100 Center Street, #90, Chicopee, MA 01014-0090 (USA). We offer personally scheduled training for other Constables, Deputies, or anyone desiring a related career in Law Enforcement.

We develop and distribute a Relational Database Program called “Sheriffs’ Office”¬†for use in Sheriff’s, Constable’s, Process Server’s, and Investigator’s offices throughout the country. For a demo, or more information about how your office can take advantage of this software, contact us today!

Established November 7, 1991 we now approach our 25th anniversary serving the community, locally, nationally and worldwide. In 1993, we organized a specialized team of highly trained and experienced Officers whose primary duties are devoted to locating, apprehending and renditing, Criminal and Civil offenders relative to unpaid Child Support obligations. As a result of our efficacy in this area, we are the office of choice to many Government Agencies and Courts within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you know someone who is owed Child Support, tell them to call our hot-line at (413) 592-8100 (0900 to 1800 hours).