Service of Legal Process – The Constables’ Office’s primary function is the service of court process.  Our process division routinely handles matters relative to Divorce, Child Support Enforcement, Landlord/Tenant (process and relations), et cetera.  Our Officers are better trained than anyone, in the execution of these matters.  For service that will exceed your expectations, call us anytime. Voicemail is checked regularly.

Sheriffs’ Office Software – Over two decades ago, we developed and market the finest computer program available today to run your Legal Process Office.   The program has many features and abilities not available in other products.  It is fully network compliant, completely customizable, extremely robust and feature packed.  Please call us to arrange a demonstration in your office or department.

Officer Training Programs – The Constables’ Office currently offers a varied curriculum for those desiring a successful career in Constable, Sheriff and Law Enforcement areas.   Primary “Constable/Deputy Sheriff” training, Defensive Tactics as well as a broad spectrum of Self Defensive and Firearms Training are all offered on a regular basis.  For additional information or reservations call (413) 592-8100 anytime. Due to the high volume of telemarketing calls, you may get voicemail. It is frequently checked.

Law Enforcement Body Cameras – We recently began marketing these products. If you have needs in this area, for civilian (“21st Century”, yes you will see people wearing one everywhere in public if you look, I do!) or official use, please contact us. Of course seek the appropriate legal Counsel in your State, Commonwealth’s, District or Territory to ensure the particulars “legally” for your area. The 4th amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the “Castle Doctrine” is interpreted differently in each area.